Message from the Chancellor

Every year follows a familiar pattern, closing with a push to catalog our University’s key achievements.

This year’s annual reflection point reveals an extraordinary unfurling of time fueled by innovation, research excellence, community partnerships, and academic achievements.

We set new records in critical areas like research—drawing in an unprecedented $764.5 million in external support—and also in innovation, with Pitt faculty members and students acquiring more than 90 patents in just 11 months.

Equally important: We deepened our role as a dedicated community partner and a vital economic engine for the Commonwealth. Our annual economic contribution continues to grow—and now sits at $3.95 billion—with the state seeing a $26 return on every $1 it invests in Pitt.

Other notable highlights from this last year include:

  • Co-hosting The Whilte House Frontiers Conference, a grand showcase of science and innovation keynoted by then-President Barack Obama.
  • Establishing the School of Computing and Information, Pitt’s first school in more than 20 years and creating the Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security.
  • Welcoming a world-class cohort of educators, researchers, and academic leaders who will shape the learning and lives of Pitt students for years to come.
  • Expanding pathways to a Pitt education through our use of a common application, our partnership in the Pittsburgh Admissions Collaboration, and our launch of the Pittsburgh Public Scholars Program (page 29).

While it’s impossible to capture every success story that enriched our year, the big-picture message is clear: Our community embraces its mission to make a positive and powerful difference in our city, in the state of Pennsylvania, and in society at large.

It’s equally clear that the University of Pittsburgh’s position as a powerhouse in learning and research extends further than ever (but don’t just take my word for it: The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education college rankings named Pitt as one of the top universities in the world).

I am incredibly proud of what our community has accomplished so far—and excited to raise the bar again next year.

Until then: Hail to Pitt!

Patrick Gallagher